I am beginning a series of videos for this website – and that I will share through my social networks – to talk about some of the things that I think hold us back from achieving our goals… or even setting them in the first place.

What activity do you devote time to that really doesn't help to enrich your life or move you closer to your goals? If you reduced the time you spent doing that thing, what would you use that time for instead?

Posted by Michelle Mackintosh on Sunday, August 20, 2017

In this first video, I discuss time wasters and how we can better utilize the time we do have to achieve our goals. What are some of the activities that don’t provide us a good return on the resources we give them? I believe wholeheartedly in working hard, playing hard and resting hard. If your recreation activities are deliberately planned, bring you great rest or joy and otherwise contribute to your life goals, great! But if like many of us, you find you’re spending more time in an activity like video games, movies, fiction or worse – indulging in self-destructive habits, I would urge you to see where you can trim down those activities and replace them with something more beneficial.

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