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It’s not always about marketing
November 17, 2016

Oftentimes, as business owners or managers, we think we need better marketing. Usually we do and I am of the mind…

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BCAMA Vision Conference 2009 Notes
May 8, 2009

Today I had the privilege of attending the BCAMA Vision 2009 Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver. It was a…

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Selling Tips from a Buyer’s Perspective
February 19, 2009

In my job I buy stuff every day. I buy media advertising. I buy printing services. I buy other production services….

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A word about logos and file types
December 26, 2008

Can we talk about logos for a moment? If you’re in business, you need to understand your logo, know what it…

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It may not be sexy, but it’s what sells…
December 2, 2008

Amber Naslund, over at Altitude Branding, blogged yesterday about “Real Work Isn’t Sexy.” Oh how true that is. I just finished…

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Motrin outrages mothers with latest ad campaign
November 15, 2008

Oh it’s going to be a bad day in the office for the folks at Motrin brand on Monday. Whoever thought…

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Corporate Marketing & Social Media Brain Freeze
November 6, 2008

I am the first to admit I’m into the internet. I have always verged on a little nerdy and somewhat socially…

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How to promote your business or company on Facebook
September 21, 2008

Judging by the crowd of people sitting on the floor in the “How to Market Your Blog, Business & Brand on…

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