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Chasing Excellence - Ben Bergeron
Chasing Excellence
July 31, 2017

By pure happenstance I downloaded Ben Bergeron’s new book “Chasing Excellence: A story about building the world’s fittest athletes” recently. I…

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Finding the Sweet Spot
Finding the Sweet Spot
December 1, 2012

So many thoughts. So little time. Life-streaming in snippets seems infinitely easier than organizing my thoughts into anything you may wish…

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Self Preservation Through Sport
March 14, 2009

I remember a childhood filled with sport. Is it just me? I don’t remember having to drag my butt off the…

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Things Are Definitely Not in Balance
November 11, 2008

So, you may have already guessed. This photo is not of me. I know there is a resemblance and all, but…

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