Lately we’ve been making a habit of going to John Lawson Park after work.

Either my husband or I will pick up mini-man from daycare and we’ll meet at the park. Big-man will pick up something to eat or pack a picnic at home and I’ll bring my running gear and enjoy the seawall while the guys play ball, frisbee or just wrestle around.

I think this has become my new favourite thing.

I have missed running; I haven’t done it much lately – only once a week or so for the last few months anyway. Now with this quick jaunt from either John Lawson to Dundarave and back or from Ambleside to Dundarave and back to John Lawson Park to meet up with the family, I’m getting out 2-3 times each week it seems.

Such a beautiful way to enjoy the dinner hours.

What is your favourite thing this summer?