Today I was out grabbing a few groceries after work with my two year old. Across the street from the grocery store we visit is the local fire hall. Now as we were leaving the grocery store I heard the fire trucks making some noise – they seemed to be testing stuff. Garage doors were opening and closing, sirens were popping on and off… so this, of course, was all very attractive to a two year old boy.

So we stood watching from across the street for a little bit, hoping the trucks would make an appearance, but it turned out they weren’t going anywhere. But then there was a bunch of firefighters standing in one of the garage doorways (I think there are 4 of them in a row – the garage doors, not the firefighters)… anyway, I asked mini-man if he wanted to go and say hello. Of course he was excited and skipped and pranced down to the crosswalk while urging me to run to speed up the process.

I’m not sure if it’s just my local firefighters or emergency personnel everywhere, but the members of North Vancouver City Fire Department are some of the nicest guys anywhere. They were all super friendly and encouraging; they even suggested we go in one of the trucks and look around, which we did. The guy who showed us into the truck headed off somewhere saying he’d be back in a minute, and mini-man, being two, decided it wasn’t quite as cool as he’d thought it would be (new and strange environment and all) so we exited about as quickly as we’d entered.

As we were walking down the street I heard a whistle and turned around to see him running down the street with a little red fire helmet (or do you call it a hat?!) for mini-man… that was SO nice of him! Mini-man was super excited and very cute saying “Thank you so much!”

Now I know these guys have much better things to do than entertain me and my kid, but I’m grateful for that. It shows how caring they really are. So next time they’re hauling my husband out from behind our building after he falls off the balcony, or the next time they’re hacking up my balcony with an axe because my husband lit it on fire with a cigarette butt (yeah, both have happened in recent years), I’ll remember what a treat we had this one day. Thanks.