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When a business thrives, so do those whose lives depend on it. When a business thrives, people find freedom to spend their invaluable time in ways that enrich their own lives and the lives of those close to them. When a business thrives, families are strengthened, communities thrive and lives are changed for the better.

And people are all that matter.

Michelle (Mackintosh) Evans – Senior Marketing Strategist & Principal, Pulse Digital – specializes in marketing consulting and business analysis for small and medium-sized businesses and DMOs in the travel/tourism, hospitality and sport/recreation industries. Michelle works with her clients to ensure every precious dollar is maximized and every action is taken with a purpose of growth and profitability.


A Pulse Check diagnostic is an assessment of current data – product, customer, competition, and market – to determine your point of differentiation, competitive advantage and appropriate positioning within your competitive set and to establish initial objectives and immediate action.


Marketing strategy development includes a deeper dive into your product lines, audience targeting, branding and messaging, campaigns and promotions with a view towards ensuring the right message is in front of the right people in a way that encourages trust, trial and ultimately, loyalty.


Marketing management and execution is the day-to-day management of some or all of your marketing activities. This may include activities such as website management, social media community management, managing advertising and promotional campaigns and advising on opportunities and threats.

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