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Finding the Sweet Spot
Finding the Sweet Spot
December 1, 2012

So many thoughts. So little time. Life-streaming in snippets seems infinitely easier than organizing my thoughts into anything you may wish…

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One man’s trash
June 3, 2011

You know how when you’re starting to feel kind of proud of yourself it’s like perfect ripe timing to be totally…

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One in 6+ billion
February 8, 2011

I was reading an article the other day about Wal-Mart introducing a new makeup and personal care line for tweens. Yes,…

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Where's Your Joy
Where’s your joy?
September 14, 2010

When you get up in the morning, what’s the first thought that crosses your mind? Is it positive or negative? I…

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For the love of food
July 30, 2010

I have a confession to make: I just ate Mini-Man’s half-eaten pizza for dinner. In fact, I have subsisted for days…

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Where the Grass is Greenest
Where the grass is greenest
July 18, 2010

This post comes out of many conversations I’ve had lately with a number of different people who either are, have been,…

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All shapes and sizes
July 11, 2010

Last night I ran Vancouver’s Underwear Affair 10km, raising money for cancers below the belt. The event was awesome. The course…

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Transparency with a hint of narcissism
May 8, 2010

The more I use social media tools to communicate with people the more I ponder the long-term rammifications of such systems….

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Metabolism Overhaul
March 1, 2010

So you probably know that two months ago I had a little boy – my second – and I have definitely…

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Fuelling Passion
February 26, 2010

I was at Mom’s Morning Out on Thursday – it’s a group at Valley Church where moms can go and have…

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