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Discover Your Inner Athlete

Empowering people to find their joy in the pursuit of sweat

Everyone knows they need to exercise, but the idea of endless hours on an elliptical trainer, navigating the free weights section of the local gym or doing even one burpee is overwhelming. I get it. Let me help you discover your inner athlete and recover the joy of movement you enjoyed as a toddler learning to run for the first time.

You can find joy and confidence in regular physical activity.

Running, CrossFit, powerlifting, Zumba, home workouts, strength training, cardio, martial arts, dance, swimming, triathlon, yoga… and what the heck is HIIT?! Don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Something will ignite you. As a two-time black belt martial artist, runner, former CrossFitter and obstacle-course racer who discovered the joy of sport in adulthood, I am certain I can help you find your groove.

The Starting Line

You have no idea where to start but know you need to make physical fitness a part of your life. We’ll take a look at your sport and exercise history, your likes and dislikes and take a little dive into what holds you back to find a starting point for you to explore physical activities that jive with who you are.

Coaching is by phone, Skype or in-person.

Running the Race

You have made a good start with incorporating physical activity into your life. So now what? How do you keep motivated to grow? Let’s go deeper with your motives and find out what will really ignite your spirit and move you towards that coveted place where you are driven to get up every day and put in the work.

Become the athlete you know you are inside.

Be a little better today than you were yesterday

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