Ketogenic Diet for Performance and Wellness

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Improving wellness through diet and weight normalization.

When the body is well, the mind is well – thoughts sharp, heart whole and spirit hopeful. We only get one body in this lifetime. When we treat our bodies well by fueling them with wholesome, nutritious foods in the right amounts, we give these beautiful biological mechanisms the opportunity to thrive as they were created to do. When our bodies are healthy, we have more confidence, more clarity, more energy and our lives are changed for the better.

You can do this. You’re worth it.

There are so many different diets out there and it can be hard to navigate the maze of choices. Let me help you take the guess-work out of the equation and nail down the fundamentals with you. Once you’re feeling confident that you’re on the right track, we can tweak your program for greater success. I do not promote any one way of eating, nor do I promote drastic calorie cutting, over-exercising, or the reliance on pills or other supplements.

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Building a Plan

The first step is to figure out your goals. An assessment of your health history, your current weight and diet, habits, preferences, exercise levels and diet history will help to determine your starting point to set you on your path to weight normalization. I firmly believe in creating small but incremental and sustainable changes that promote wellness of body, mind and spirit.


After building an action plan, we shift focus to accountability. Knowing what to do and doing it are two very different things and each person is motivated differently. Most people need a little help from someone else. That’s where I come in. Through a combination of online tools and personal touchpoints, you will find the encouragement and process to stay the course.

Going Deeper

Once you’re on a roll with some healthy new habits and are seeing positive changes in your body and your health, the next step is to tweak your plan and find a sustainable zone where you maintain effortlessly. Whether your goal is diabetes management, athletic performance, better mental health or even disease prevention, these things can all be achieved through diet.

What kind of diets are we talking about?

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