Today, in the Capital Ideas page of the Calgary Herald’s Business Section, Capital Ideas members were asked how they use Social Media to reach their business goals. Here was my response:

“Businesses use social media in three key ways: networking and engagement, establishing expertise or brand awareness and targeted messaging. LinkedIn and Twitter allow us to connect with business leaders that we would never had the opportunity to connect with 15 years ago. Social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram allow companies to connect with and empower their brand champions to build a solid community of supporters as well as provide customer service in a variety of new ways. Not only does the content you create for social sharing reflect your business expertise but, if properly optimized, that content can also boost website visits and leads through implementation of effective inbound marketing techniques. Finally, social channels give brands the opportunity to present highly relevant messaging to just the right audience at just the right time through targeted social advertising.”

See the full Capital Ideas YYC page here: How do you use social media to meet your business goals?